Monday, June 8, 2009

Gnocchi with vodka sauce

I took these recipes verbatim other sources, so I won't bother re-typing them here. Note: gnocchi takes freaking forever to make-- forcing the potato through the strainer is harder than it seems in the video. It's fun to roll out, though, like playing with play dough. I added Italian sausage and chiffonaded basil for garnish. Everything's better with basil!

Both the gnocchi and vodka sauce freeze beautifully; freeze the uncooked gnocchi on a cookie sheet and then transfer them to a ziploc baggie after they're frozen so you don't end up with one giant clump of potato dough.

Potato gnocchi
Vodka sauce


  1. How did the texture of your gnocchi turn out? Funny that you should post about gnocchi because I'm actually planning on making gnudi (gnocchi's potato-less ricotta-ful cousin) tonight. Seems much less intimidating!

  2. It was delicious! Nicely chewy and dumpling-y. The gnudi sounds wonderful.