Monday, August 24, 2009

Requiem for a French Press

I knocked my French Press into the sink over the weekend; it did not survive, so we had to dig out our drip coffee maker out from the back of the cabinet. (It would stay out all the time, but there is roughly 3 square feet of counter space in my kitchen.) (I may actually have to go measure that.)

Happily, they sell replacement beakers. Or I might just take this opportunity to buy the size we would actually use, since it's cheaper AND if I need to make a full 12 cups of coffee, I can go spelunking in the cabinets. Plus, one of the listed "product features" is a "Protective plastic encasement so glass won't break." Which apparently I need.

On an only marginally related note, if these are truly shatterproof, why would they need to sell replacement beakers?

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